What fees does Podhero have?

Online payments are complicated and have unavoidable fees. Podhero partners with Stripe to keep payments and payouts as easy and secure as possible. We are always reassessing payment options to keep fees low without sacrificing security. There are three types of fees commonly found on platforms like Podhero: platform fees, payment processing fees, and payout fees.

Platform fees

Unlike most platforms, we don't charge creators to use Podhero. Instead, $.99 of the $5.99/mo user subscription goes to keep Podhero running. Currently, we're giving all of that $.99 back to creators by funding the $5 invite program.

Payment processing fees

Every online purchase or money transfer needs to be securely processed and verified by a third party payment processor. There is a standard fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 fee per transaction. These fees go directly to our payment processor Stripe and keeps Podhero a safe place to pay.

Payout fees

Payout fees cover the cost of creators moving money from Podhero to their bank account or debit card. Payout fees are assessed after money is successfully transferred and changes based on the currency and country of destination. This makes it impossible for us to give you specific fees ahead of time. For a rough estimate of what payout fees will be, check out Stripe Connect Pricing and scrolling down to "International and country-specific fees".