How do I tell my listeners about Podhero?

It pays to invite your listeners—literally. Get a $5 bonus for every listener that joins with your link. 

Learn more about the $5 Invite campaign.

Share your $5 invite link

1. Choose your podcast on the Creator Dashboard.

2. On the home screen, scroll down and copy your invite link. Share it: 

  • In a recurring section of each episode's show notes
  • By editing your 10 previous social media posts (where possible) to include a link
  • In a recurring section of your show's email newsletter
  • In the email signature to your show's official email address(es)
  • In the bio or link section of your social media profiles

3. Use the icons to share on off-announcements via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Read our "ad" on your podcast.

Feel free to use this script or come up with your own:

This episode is brought to you by you—our listeners that support us on Podhero. If you like this podcast and want to support the work we do, please take just a few minutes to support us on Podhero. Not only can you support this podcast, but you can provide ongoing support to all of your favorite podcasts with a single $5.99/mo subscription. And to answer your question, YES! I’m using Podhero to support my favorite podcasts too.

And for a limited time, Podhero will donate an additional $5 to our show on your behalf when you join. Just make sure you use the link in our show notes. Thanks for your support.

Other ways to spread the news about $5 Invite

  • Do you send out merch? Include a call to subscribe on your thank you notes, receipts, or on a card that gets sent out with listeners' items.
  • Hosting a live event online soon? Include the opportunity to keep supporting you through Podhero in your follow-up correspondence.
  • If you share live video of your podcast elsewhere, include your Podhero link in any crawls or chyrons you might use to share show information.
  • Skywriting. Maybe we don't fully, officially endorse this, but it would be VERY cool to see.