How do I change the email on my RSS feed?

This information comes from our friends at RadioPublic.

In order to verify ownership of your podcast feed, we send emails to all the addresses we find within your RSS feed. We’ve run across several providers that use default email addresses in your podcast feed, which need to be adjusted in order for you to claim your podcast.


Login to your Anchor dashboard. Then click Settings, then Distributions. Enable the "Display personal email address publicly in RSS feed" toggle so that you are able to verify ownership of your RSS feed.


Under the “Distribution” section of your podcast page, check the box for “Publish author email address.”


Under the Settings section of your BlogTalkRadio account, choose the gear button, then update your email address.

Blubrry using the PowerPress WordPress plugin

Navigate to the Blubrry PowerPress Settings advanced mode. Navigate to the iTunes tab and the iTunes Feed Settings to add in an iTunes email address.


Go to the Content Settings page in your SoundCloud settings. Under the “Email address displayed” dropdown menu, update it to “Display email address.”


Under the Settings section, choose “Change email,” then save.

Other providers

If your podcast is hosted on or Blogger (or another provider not listed here) you can add your email address to the description of your podcast via your podcast hosting provider and then re-verify your show.